Quick Guide

The Dot Watch Package

“Dot Watch” and “Reinventing tactile communication” are printed in both Braille and written texts on the top left and right of the Dot Watch package. Reach your hand to the right side of the package, where you will notice a paper slip that reads “Manual” in Braille. Pull the slip to take the quick user manual out of the package. Note that the quick user manual is also printed in both Braille and written texts. Take out the product casing out of the package in the direction the quick user manual was drawn out. On the product casing, you will notice protection film and “Reinventing tactile communication” printed in Braille. To remove the film, reach your hand to the far right of the Braille printings, where a semi-circular portion of the film can be lifted and taken off. Once the film is removed, there you find the Dot Watch and its charger in the casing. Again, take off the films on the front and back of the Dot Watch and the charger to begin your Dot Watch experience!

Dot Watch Description

Place the Dot Watch to its upright position, where the “Dot Crown” and the two buttons are placed on the right, and the metal loop is placed below the Dot Watch screen. There are four cells on the Dot Watch screen. Each cell represents one character; therefore, up to 4 characters can be displayed at a time. Below the cells are left and right “Touch Sensors”. The “Dot Crown” is located on the right of the center of the body. The "Select Button" is located above Dot Crown, and the "Home Button" is located below Dot Crown. If the Dot Watch is turned off, the cells remain kept inside the screen. To turn on, press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds. Here, vibration will occur and all the cells are raised and dropped to notify. Rotate the “Dot Crown” upwards (clockwise) and downwards (counterclockwise) to navigate between various functions that the Dot Watch offers.

Charging Dot Watch

The charging terminal of the Dot Watch is located on the back; at the opposite end of the Dot Crown.

The charging terminal of the charging cradle is outlined by small indentions on the panel.

When charging, check these positions and face the terminals exactly onto each other. Both will perfectly fit and fix in place, once correctly placed. Connect the charging cradle to a USB port on either your computer or on a USB adapter to start charging. Once properly set, vibration will occur and “chrg” will be displayed to notify that the Dot Watch has now started charging.

Wearing Dot Watch

To wear, unfold the metallic band and its end that is curled by its magnetic field. Put the metallic end through the metal loop of the Dot Watch. Then, adjust and tighten the band to fit around your wrist.

Dot Watch Bluetooth Connection

The Dot Watch App can be easily downloaded from your smartphone-specific app stores. Simply search for "Dot Watch" or “Dot Incorporation” on the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android). Once the App is installed, sign in with your account to begin pairing. Here, you could either sign up and sign in with you Dot Account, or sign in with your Facebook or Gmail account. In the near future with our upcoming features, you will be able easily access our customer services and save customized options and setting with your account signed in to the Dot Watch App.

Please turn on the Dot Watch first for it to be ready for pairing. You can do so by pressing and holding the “Home Button” - here, vibration will occur and all the cells are raised and dropped to notify. Then, turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and run the Dot Watch App. In the App, press "Start” and look for your Dot Watch form the list, which is denoted by “Dot Watch DW-01,” and the last 4 digits of the product serial number. You can find the full serial number of your Dot Watch either from the written text on the packaging box, or from the Dot Watch App – Settings – About Dot, after the Dot Watch is paired with your smartphone. Once successfully paired, you will be notified with both vibration, and “conn” that is displayed in braille on your Dot Watch screen.

Please refer to the tutorial available in your Dot Watch App to fully experience and enjoy your Dot Watch!

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