Braille Display

Braille is not correctly displayed.

As the Dot cells are entirely of a different nature, it does require a certain level of a learning curve to grow comfortable with using the Dot Watch. The user input (e.g. pressing the buttons) and the actual user reading should be offset by about one second. Please note that, there can’t be any pressure and/or blocked cells by fingers and/or foreign objects by the time the pins are trying to display, as this may lead to incorrect displaying.

“Number of Pin Repetitions” is a function that readjust the braille output that has not correctly displayed. From the Dot Watch App – Settings – Display Output, you can set the “Number of Pin Repetitions” to aid your Dot Watch reading. If set to 0, the braille display receives one signal to raise or drop the pin. Likewise, setting it to 1 or 2 will receive additional one or two signals to raise or drop the pin.

* Increasing the “Number of Pin Repetitions” will consume more battery.

* It is recommended to reduce the “Number of Pin Repetitions” as Dot Cells’ movements become more familiar.

* During charging, pin output may not be proper due to magnetic forces. Please remove the Dot Watch from the charger before using it.
* If the braille output is wrong when you read notifications, copy paste the phrase and re-read it on the Dot Watch. If you continue to receive an error, please send the full text containing the character with the error to support@dotincorp.com. We will immediately reflect it in the next firmware update. 

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