Setting up

I cannot turn on the Dot Watch.

Power may not turn on right after purchase or if the product is left unused for a long time. Try charging the Dot Watch in the following ways:

1. Plug the USB end of the Dot Watch charger to your computer's USB port or USB adapter.

2. On the outer rim of the back surface of the Dot Watch, locate the slightly concave part of the Dot Watch. 

3. Find the convex part on the outer rim of the charger and place it together with the concave part of the Dot Watch. If the charging terminals of the Dot Watch and the charger are correctly connected, a vibration will ring and chrg (1-4, 1-2-5, 1-2-3-5, 1-2-4-5) (⠉⠓⠗⠛) will be displayed.

4. Once charging is complete, there will be two vibrations – a long one followed by a short one - and all the pins on the Dot Watch will come up. 

* Please make sure that you understand how to turn on the Dot Watch. To power on, press and hold the Home button located on the bottom / right side of the Dot Watch crown until it vibrates.

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