How do I charge the Dot Watch?

Please follow the steps below to start charging your Dot Watch:

1.     Connect the Dot Watch Charger (included in the product package) to a USB port on your computer or a USB adapter.

2.     Check the position of the metallic charging terminal on the back of the Dot Watch and on the charger. This is outlined by a small indention on the panel.

3.     Face the charging terminal of the charger exactly to the charging terminal of the Dot Watch. Both will perfectly fit and fix in place, once correctly placed. Vibration will occur and “chrg” [dots 1,4/ dots 1,2,5/ dots 1,2,3,5/ dots 1,2,4,5] (⠉⠓⠗⠛) will be displayed as the Dot Watch starts to charge.

4.     When charging is completed, the Dot Watch will vibrate three times in total (one long vibration, followed by two short ones), and all the pins in the four cells will come up to show the battery is full.

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