Dot Watch Function

What are the stand-alone functions of the Dot Watch?

The Dot Watch can be used without having to pair with a smartphone. As a stand-alone braille watch, the Dot Watch tells date and time (down to seconds), and it includes functions such as the “Timer”, “Stopwatch”, and checking the “Battery Status”.

 * If not paired and synced with a smartphone, the time of the Dot Watch has to be manually set. Please follow the steps below to manually set the current time for your Dot Watch:

1. While the Dot Watch is turned on, press and hold both the “Select Button” and the “Home Button” for more than three seconds to enter the time setting.
2. Along with a brief vibration, “set” will be displayed in Braille. Press the “Select Button” to start the time setting.
3. Use the “Dot Crown” and the “Select Button” to set the time in the order of hours, minutes, and seconds.
4. Once the time is set, the Dot Watch will vibrate to notify the time is successfully set.

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