Dot Watch Function

I cannot receive or reject calls.

When a call comes in to your mobile device, Dad Watch will vibrate and C-A-L-L (1-4, 1, 1-2-3, 1-2-3) (⠉⠁⠇⠇) will appear on the Dot Watch screen. When a call comes in, press "home button" to reject the call and press "select button" to display the caller's name. If the contact is stored on your mobile device, you will see the caller's name in braille. If the contact is not saved, you will see the mobile phone number on your Dot Watch.

(iOS) When the caller information is displayed, pressing the "select button" will allow the user to accept the call, and pressing the "home button" will allow the user to reject the call. After accepting or declining a call, you go back to home screen.

(Android) Depending on the user's mobile model, reception and rejection may be restricted.

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