Dot Watch Function

How do I read time in tactile mode.

The tactile mode is a mode for people who do not know braille. You can check time by counting the number of dots that pop up in Dot Watch. Unlike braille mode, the Dot Watch does not enter standby mode when it shows time. 

When you connect your Dot Watch to your mobile device, the twelve dots on the left show 'hours’. Each dot represents one hour. The twelve dots on the right side of the Dot Watch show 'minutes' each dot represents five minutes. Once set, even if the connection to the mobile device is lost, the time will continue to work. 

Example of hours

• If 3 of 12 pins in the left two cells come up, it means 3 o'clock. Ex) 03:42 ⠋⠀⠿⠉

Example of minutes 

• Since each dot on the right side of the Dot Watch is a multiple of five, 8 dots mean that the current time is between 40 and 45 minutes. Ex) 03:42 ⠋⠀⠿⠉

• If you want to know the exact minutes, press the "select button" once more. The two cells on the left are tens’ digit and the two cells on the right are the unit’s digit. Ex) 42 minutes: ⠛⠀⠉

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