Dot Watch Function

I want to wear the Dot Watch on my right wrist.

The Dot Watch offers “Reverse Screen Mode” for your convenience. Use this functions to wear the Dot Watch on either your left or right wrist as preferred. Please note that the inputs of the “Buttons” and the “Dot Crown” remain the same, but the “Touch Sensors” are now located above the “Dot Cells”. Please refer to the following instructions to enter the “Reverse Screen Mode”:

1. To easily address the operation; here, the “Select Button” is referred to as “Up”, and the “Home Button” is referred to as “Down”.

2.  Press “Down”-“Down”-“Up”-“Up”-“Down”-“Down”-“Up”-“Up”, then press and hold “Up”.

3.  The change is notified by a brief vibration, and the Braille display reserved – upside-down.

* When reading the notification message, please wait until all the Braille cells are displayed, as putting pressure and/or blocking the cells by fingers and/or foreign objects by the time the pins are trying to display may lead to incorrect displaying.

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