How do I pair via Bluetooth?

The Dot Watch App is required to pair the Dot Watch with your mobile device.

Once you download the application, sign up and sign in with your account to begin your pairing:


1. Press and hold the “Home Button” of the Dot Watch to turn on.

2. Open the Dot Watch App, and choose “Start Pairing”.

3. Name of the device that begins with “Dot Watch” should appear on the list. Check your Dot Watch number (xxxx) and choose your Dot Watch from the list (Dot Watch DW-01, xxxx).

4. Vibration will occur as the Dot Watch and your mobile device are paired. Choose the “Start” button to begin your own Dot Watch Experience!

* Depending on the type of your mobile device, the Bluetooth connection pop-up window may appear. Here, select 'Pair' or 'Register' to receive messages or notifications on your Dot Watch.

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