I paired the Dot Watch but I’m not receiving notifications.

If your mobile phone setting does not allow notification alarms, you will not receive notifications from the Dot Watch. Please change your application settings to accept notifications.

If you want to receive notifications selectively, you can change the notification settings from the Dot Watch application to only receive the desired notification(s). Please check that you have selected the desired notifications on the Dot Watch application.

 You can change your Dot Watch notification settings by going to Settings> Notifications in the Dot Watch app. iOS mobile users can choose to either turn on or off notifications. If ‘Others’ is not selected, users will not receive notifications except phone notifications. If you want to custom select notifications, please go to the notifications tab in your iPhone settings and you will be able to set each notification status. Android phone users can select or deselect each application in the Dot Watch app to get notifications. 

If you still do not receive notifications after going through the above process, your mobile device and the Dot Watch may not be paired properly. Check the connection status of your mobile device and the Dot Watch. You can use the “Search my phone” function to check if the Dot Watch is connected to your mobile device or you can check on the Dot Watch mobile application if the remaining battery shows up (this means that the Dot Watch is connected and that your mobile phone displays the Dot Watch information). For iOS mobile phones, check to see if the Dot Watch is connected in Bluetooth setting. If not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the Dot Watch to get notifications. 

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