The Bluetooth connection is bad or keeps disconnecting.

Please check the following when the connection between Dot Watch and your mobile device is unstable.

1. Did you properly connect your Dot Watch to your mobile device?

If you are not familiar with connecting the Dot Watch, please check the FAQ: How do I pair via Bluetooth? which can be seen in our homepage.

2. Are there a lot of Bluetooth devices around?

If there are many Bluetooth devices in the vicinity, the connection between Dot Watch and the mobile device may be unstable due to interference between Bluetooth signals.

3. Is there a list of devices that I want to connect to the mobile device Bluetooth list?

When connecting your Dot Watch to your mobile device, please check your device list under Settings > Bluetooth. If there is a Dot Watch name left, please delete it.

4. Did you pair your mobile device with many Bluetooth devices at the same time?

 The number of devices that can pair with a mobile device at the same time is fixed. If too many Bluetooth devices are connected to the mobile device, the connection may become unstable or disconnected.

5. Are there any obstacles between your smartphone and Dot Watch?

 Any obstacles between your smartphone and Dot Watch may cause a temporary disconnection. As long as the Dot Watch App is running in the background, your smartphone will automatically re-connect to Dot Watch. Also, it is advised to use the Dot Watch in close distance to your smartphone (up to 32ft), and in an open space. In case the Dot Watch does not connect to your smartphone even when in a close distance, check your Bluetooth connection status on your Dot Watch at the Bluetooth Menu by turning the Dot Crown upwards twice. (In Braille Mode - "conn" : ⠉⠕⠝⠝, "disc" : ⠙⠊⠎⠉/ In Tactile Mode - Paired: ⠗⠒⠒⠺, Unpaired: ⠇⠀⠀⠸) In Bluetooth connection status, please press the “Select Button” to re-send the Bluetooth signal. If the above methods do not fix the problem, try restarting the Dot Watch App.

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