I pressed ‘Start Pairing’ on the Dot Watch application but I cannot find any Dot Watches.

If you do not see Dot Watch name(s) when you press the ‘Start Pairing’ button, check the items below.

1. Did you turn the Dot Watch on?

Press the select button or turn the crown to see if the Dot Watch is working.

If 30 minutes have elapsed after turning the Dot Watch on, the Dot Watch will stop transmitting Bluetooth signal to save battery life. From the home screen, turn the crown (clockwise) upwards twice to go to the Bluetooth connection status screen. Then press the select button to release the Bluetooth signal.

2. Is Bluetooth turned on?

Go to Settings> Bluetooth and make sure that the Bluetooth feature of your mobile device is turned on.

3. Are there many obstacles or Bluetooth devices around?

If the distance between the Dot Watch and the mobile device is too great or there are many Bluetooth devices nearby, you may experience some difficulties when connecting the Dot Watch to your mobile device. Make your mobile device close to Dot Watch.

 * If your mobile device is already connected to many Bluetooth devices, it may be difficult to connect the Dot Watch.

 * For Android devices, users may need to completely turn the mobile device off and back on for it to correctly search the Dot Watch.

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