I don't use a smartphone. Can I still use the Dot Watch?

Dot Watch can be used with or without connecting to mobile devices. As a standalone function, the Dot Watch shows time, timer, stopwatch, and battery level.

 * When not connected to mobile devices, users need to manually set the time on the Dot Watch. To set time, follow the next steps. 

1. Simultaneously press and hold the select button and the home button of the Dot Watch for more than 3 seconds to enter time setting. Please make sure your Dot Watch is on.

2. You will feel a brief vibration and 's-e-t' (indicated by braille) will appear. From this page, press the select button to start setting the current time.

3. Use the crown and the select button to set the time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

4. When time setting is complete, the current time will be displayed along with a vibration.

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